It seems that Flash Player will no longer be available for downloading accessing Google Play. According to Blorge, those who want to install Adobe Flash Player manually have to follow a set of instructions.

  • Make sure your device is running on Android 2.2 to 4.1;
  • Go to Settings and mark the options saying it is ok to install apps from other sources than Google Play.
  • Download the Flash for Android from the Adobe website
  • Tap Install and enter your device’s browser (Chrome does not support new Flash apk)
  • Open a tab with rich media content to check if Flash Player is working.

What you should know before downloading Flash Player for Android

Because Flash Player no longer offer updates for Android devices be them smartphones or tablets, this also implies no security and stability updates. Make sure that your device does not get infested with malicious Flash content, it could happen, although very unlikely.

After having chosen to disable the Android built-in ecurity option, make sure to re-enable it again and do not allow the device to install apps from a third-party source.

Many were sad about Adobe not releasing more updates for Android

Some Android owners were mad about the fact that Adobe is not releasing more updates for Android devices. A user commented online that the only thought of Adobe has released Flash Player for Android and then not offering software updates is ludicrous and unreasonable.

Adobe will put an end to Flash Player in 2020 and by them it is expected that developers use HTML5 for video streaming and more. The decision came after Adobe consulted with many big companies such as Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and more. This software was created back in 1996 and since then it has been operating without a break

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