Facebook was able to release a report regarding a new virus that could take over your computer for mining Bitcoin. This would use the machines of unsuspecting victims to be able to mine cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Digmine is the name of this new malware, which affects users of desktop versions of Facebook Messenger. This would hit those using the Google Chrome Internet browser, according to the researchers at Trend Micro.

This particular malware would hijack the processor of a desktop computer and use it to generate coins, as well as confirm digital transactions. Such process was determined as mining, which uses the login details of a Facebook user. Thus, it manipulates the app to send a link to friends of the victims.

This would spread quickly across the Web via Facebook in order to gain more processing power intended for mining cryptocurrency. Due to the popularity of cryptocurrency, perpetrators would use the processing power of one’s computer to do the job for them.

So when they gain more victims, they will be able to create a mining pool that would earn them bigger profits. This is not a new incident as cybercriminals are using popular social media platforms in order to sprea malware.

According to experts, the virus named Digmine was believed to have originated in South Korea. Then, it was taken across different countries, including Azerbaijan, Philippines, Thailand, Venezuela, and Vietnam. According to Trend Micro researchers, this would propagate further due to its persistent behavior.

Facebook management have already assured users of their app that they are maintaining a huge number of automated systems to help in keeping harmful links away from their apps.

Thus, if ever your computer has been infected with such malware, Facebook will offer victims of free anti-virus scan from their trusted partners. Facebook also provides useful tips from their help page in order to stay secure online.

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