Samsung is all prepared to release the new Galaxy S9 handset in the following months. But for now, we have details about Galaxy S7 Edge.

We want the update for Galaxy S7 Edge, too!

Samsung Galaxy S8 has got the Oreo Beta update, we all know that. But what about the Galaxy S7 gadgets? We think people want to encounter the most recent Android 8.1 Oreo on their S7 Edge gadgets, too. And we thought about, so here’s how to get the unofficial version, to make you warm until the official release.

And you can have it, with LineageOS 15.1 ROM

Using LineageOS 15.1 ROM, the unofficial yet stable version of the Android Oreo 8.1, you will get the closer look at what these operating system should look like. It has its base on the most recent Android 8.1 Oreo and its updates from Google. As we said before, it isn’t in its last stage of work, however, is close to being good. Don’t forget to first root your gadget and to unlock the bootloader with a custom recovery that has been installed in it.

How to Install LineageOS 15.1

First, you need to download the LineageOS ROM and then look for an open Gapps. Transfer those to your smartphone. Next, you will have to get your Galaxy S7 Edge to recovery mode and then tap to wipe data, cache and the Dalvik cache, too. Then proceed to tap on the Install button and find the ROM among your files from storage, then swipe to install the ROM. As the installation is finished, select the Install choice again and look for the Gapps again and proceed to install, again. After it’s all done, reboot your device and everything should work.

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