The South Korean company LG has released a very successful smartphone, LG G6 and the device has yet to receive the most recent Android OS version. The Android Oreo beta program for G6 has already begun and the Asian version of the smartphone might be the first to receive it.

LG Customer Service confirms

Android Oreo will arrive to LG G6 in February, according to LG Customer Services. The H870S model is the one referred to and it is built for the Middle East region. Those living in other parts of the world might have to wait a little longer than next month to enjoy Android Oreo on their G6 smartphone.

Android Oreo: a revolutionized OS

The newest operating system by Google is presented as smarter, faster, sweeter and more powerful than previous versions. The fist devices to have been released with Android Oreo were Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones by Google.

Some of the features included in the newest Android OS are

  • Speed: Oreo is two times faster
  • Background limits: the app used least is minimized in the background
  • Autofill: helps users remember to login and get theor apps at supersonic speed
  • Smart text selection: the OS suggests a next logical step
  • Picture-in-picture mode: user can be in a video call and browse the web at the same time
  • Notification dots: point out what’s new
  • Instant Apps: this feature gets the user into the new app without having to install it
  • Google Play Protect: keeps data and devices safe from malware hidden inside misbehaving apps. It scans 50 billion apps per day
  • Better battery life and consumption
  • New emojis: 60 fully redesigned emojis
  • Downloadable fonts and deep color
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