The most lucrative jobs in the world right now are those jobs that have something to do with computer technology. Most employees in the computer tech industry have to deal with coding and the better coding skills they acquire the better they pay is going to get. With the advent of information age the value of computer technology continues to rise as more and more of the world’s population incorporate modern gadgets into their everyday lives.

Due this rise in demand by the market of the latest in technology the demand for workers who can code (programmers) rise as well.

How much do programmers earn?

This is a tricky question since salary is also a speculative matter and may vary greatly from subject to subject. One factor that needs to be taken into account when determining how much salary should a programmer receives is the location. Sometimes this factor alone affects greatly how much a programmer receives for a certain workload. A lot of the times the pay for a programmer at a certain part of the globe varies greatly varies from the pay another programmer receives half the world away for a similar workload.

This is a sad reality that happens not only in the tech industry but also in different work industries as well. The trick to counter such discrimination is to be aware of the discrepancies as well as what the current fair salary is.

Ask for Job Description right from the start

To save yourself from a headache later on, right from the beginning ask politely for the job description. This is because programming is a general term and it has a lot of responsibility branches. These branches constitute different responsibilities with different levels of difficulties involved. The more difficult the job is, the more you should expect a pay raise.

The average salary of a computer programmer in the United States is usually within the range of $60,000 to $100,000 dollars a year. Again this is a relative quantity because some may earn more than the range provided and some might earn slightly less.

The highest paying programming jobs right now are the mobile app developers which are above the $100k range. This is due to the higher demand for mobile apps in comparison to desktop applications.

Highest Paying Employers

If you or one of your family members have worked for the government before you probably already know that they usually pay less than most of the employers in the private sector.

For programmer salaries, the highest paying sector naturally is the private sector, followed by the federal government. The lowest paying sector is the state government, which trails behind the local government.

Programming Job Outsourcing

There is a growing trend of companies outsourcing programming work to countries with relatively lower expected salaries in order to save costs. This has been confirmed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Programming jobs are being outsourced because programming does not need to be done onsite and it can be learned by anyone with access to a computer and the Internet.

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