Amazon revolutionized reading with the launch of Kindle in 2007, a series of e-readers that allow users to browse, buy, download and read different types of digital media including e-books, magazines and newspapers.

More than a decade after, Kindle is still the top choice for many readers around the world, and it’s easy to know why.

As of 2018, there are already more than six million e-books available in the United States and this list is growing by the day.

Recent Kindle Versions

Kindle Paperwhite (4th gen) November 7, 2018
Kindle 9 March 20, 2019

But just when things couldn’t get better, Amazon finally announced that it was launching a new Kindle this year, three years after Kindle 8.

And true to their word, the company finally started shipping the Kindle 2019 on April 10. It comes in black and white, priced lower than its predecessor and has a lot of other surprises in between:

The new Kindle 2019 is basic and that’s a good thing.

While it’s normal for anyone to think that they’re getting an upgrade with the newest model they’re buying, the new Kindle 2019 actually goes back to basics.

This e-reader is a simple, non-Paperwhite, non-Oasis variant with no waterproofing capabilities.

But it has a front-lit screen, one of the most anticipated features of Kindle users, which makes it a big deal breaker if you want an e-reader that does its job of letting you read even in the dark, has a touchscreen and a few added features in it.

The new Kindle 2019 finally has an illuminated display

Kindle readers know this too well: the e-reader isn’t really as enjoyable without lights.

In fact, even the most premium variant still required the use of a reading light, which can be a disappointment, especially if you’re on the road.

This was the case for five years after the first Kindle was launched, but the situations changed when the Paperwhite was launched in 2012 featuring four LEDs. This prompted serious e-readers to upgrade their Kindle even if it meant paying a lot more.

But with the launch of the new Kindle 2019, entry e-readers or upgraders can already enjoy reading in the dark without having to break their bank because this new variant is a lot cheaper than the Paperwhite and Oasis models.

In fact, Amazon is proud to say that this basic Kindle is “the first Kindle with a front light for under $100.”

The new Kindle 2019 offers better contrast

Kindle hasn’t always been excellent with its display, as evidenced by that gray screen that you’re probably familiar with now if you’re a Kindle user.

But Amazon claims that the All-New Kindle 2019 finally solves that problem because it “includes updated electronic ink technology for better contrast.”

The specifications are still the same, however, with a resolution of 800x600px, 16 grayscale levels and a pixel density of 167 ppi. Of course, nothing beats the good news that the new basic Kindle 2019 is priced at just $89.99.

If you’re taking advantage of the special offer. You can also pay an extra $20 for the ad-free version, which make it $109.99. The new Kindle also comes with three months of free Kindle Unlimited.

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