The significance of Minecraft servers is that it enables the community of players to compete on the Web or within a local area network with other players.

Therefore, several servers are classified through various gameplay features, societal structures, and rules. This makes each server unique with all of their differences.

Other servers might include features, making it more PVP-oriented within the aspects of creative and adventure mode or survival, while some have mini game features. Here are the top Minecraft servers that you can get these days.

Hypixel Network

One of the top Minecraft servers is the popular mapmaker Hypixel. This server began as a YouTube channel wherein it created the Minecraft Adventure Maps. Today, it is one of the biggest Minecraft server networks and one with the highest quality in the world. Currently, it gets around ten million unique logins on a daily basis. The network has also become famous due to its mini games, which serves as a unique selling point for the network. Such would include TNTRun, Quake, Paintball, and Survival.

PrimeMC Network

PrimeMC serves as community server network that would feature 3 game modes to provide fun for everyone. The games include OP Factions, Prison, KitPVP, Factions, Creative, and SkyBlock. The server also offers continuous updates, improvements, and features that enable players to enjoy a lot. The server now hosts 700 players online, which includes proxies for certain locations, such as Australia, Asia, and the U.S.

GotPVP Network

Another server that has a huge selection of games for every player is the GotPVP network. It includes games like Sky Wars, Prison, Survival, Factions, Hunger Games, Creative, KitPVP, and many others. This network utilizes high-end dedicated servers that would provide minimal downtime and optimal performance with little or no lag at all. The network runs plug-ins across Factions, MCMMO, Votifier, WorldBorder, and ObbyDestroyer, among others. The network also runs on a high-end dedicated server with a huge number of dedicated RAM with high-speed processor.

CubeCraft Games

CubeCraft is recognized as one of the biggest server networks in the world. It runs 24/7 with the capability of hosting thousands of players worldwide. Among the games it offers to its users include SkyWars, Team SkyWars, EggWars, Lucky Islands, Tower Defence, and BlockWars.

The server’s uptime stays at 99%, making it one of the highest uptime percentages you can get from top servers of Minecraft. Moreover, it features a range of mini games from PVP’s Arena Brawl to co-op’s Creeper Survival.

TheArchon Network

If you are looking for a very active server for Minecraft, then TheArchon should be your choice. It offers new defensive tactics, constant betrayals, wither raids, and a location where you can battle players from YouTube.

TheArchon also offers a combination of Factions game modes like Ranked and OP Factions. This makes a Minecraft server suitable for various mini games. It also has features like OP Factions, Custom Enhancements, and Intense PVP and Raiding. Moreover, the uptime rate of the server is 97.5% with around 400 players online.

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