COVID-19 has been wreaking havoc around the world leaving thousands dead and thousands more fighting for their lives in hospitals.

For the rest of us, we need to stay home to protect ourselves from the virus causing a huge disruption in our daily routines. But instead of taking this lockdown negatively, we can all use this as a time to bond more and have fun together as a family.

Since 2005, Roblox has been a favorite among millions of players and creators because of its unique game format. And now, many families have been turning to Roblox as a safe platform for children and young adults to create, play games and socialize with other players from around the world.

A lot of parents even reported that the game offers a sense of normalcy in an otherwise uncertain situation that most of us are in. Roblox even reported some players using VIP servers to host virtual field trips, birthday parties and graduations just to help other members of the Roblox community cope with being in a lockdown.

With more than 100 million active monthly users, Roblox is definitely becoming the perfect platform for entertainment in these trying times.

Roblox even now has a “Teaching Remotely” feature where those interested creatores can enjoy 100 hours of ISTE certified content for free, which can be used for teaching game design and the basics of coding in a remote learning environment.

Those who want to become educators will be able to set up their own Roblox Studio, a free tool that allows them to build games and publish them on Roblox, and use Team Create, which allows students to work together on projects.

Roblox also offered some tips for parents with kids playing Roblox while staying at home during the lockdown. This includes talking with kids about the importance of being cautious when playing games and interacting with people online, using chatting or playing games to socialize and not bully other kids, addressing bad behavior online and staying active despite being stuck at home.

No one knows how long this lockdown will last, but staying at home is still the best way for all of us to not only be safe from the virus but also help stop its spread.

Roblox is committed to supporting its global community not only in providing a great platform for entertainment and socialization but also a way to stand together against the pandemic that’s shaking the world.  

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