Before any form of advance communication was invented people relied on telegrams, which were messages written in a piece of paper or parcel that essentially are then carried by the messenger and handed out to the intended receiver.

A letter would sometimes travel for months before finally arriving at its destination. Luckily we didn’t stop there. Every generation has its geniuses and innovators, rebels that were not satisfied of the status quo.

This led to the invention of more forms of communication technologies that are better and faster. And every time a new technology becomes widely accepted, the world’s landscape usually changes, and for the better too.

From Landlines to Mobile Phones to Messaging Apps

In today’s era where decent Internet connection is fairly available at almost any corner of the modern world, more and more people rely on free calling apps for their personal communication needs instead of using the satellite or landline phone services.

The following are some of the most popular free Calling Apps you can download for your mobile device.

  1. Skype

Skype dominated the scene before the rise of smartphones. It provided a way for people to communicate via the Internet without paying for the actual calls. It also has a text messaging service. However, you can only do video calls, voice calls or text with contacts for free with those that are also using Skype. However their popularity was eclipsed when laptops or desktops were no longer the top gadgets being heavily used.

  1. Viber

Viber is an app that offers free VoIP service that can be used by both IOS and Android devices. The best thing about Viber is that you can do voice calls, video calls, as wells as text messages for contacts that also have Viber installed in their mobile devices. And just like Skype you can still contact those who haven’t installed Viber on their mobile devices in exchange for a reasonable fee.

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is arguably one of the most famous messaging app if not the most famous since it has captured the attention and interest of the younger generations. If your circle of friends belong to the younger Internet savvy generations installing and using this app would definitely makes sense because everyone you know might already be on it.

  1. Google Duo

Google Duo is Google’s take at providing high quality video calls for their users. Although it currently does not allow you to text nor make voice calls, the video quality of the vid calls certainly make it worth it to have the app around. Google Duo is free but is not as famous as Google’s other messaging app.

  1. Hangouts

Hangouts is Google’s other messaging app. Its video calls are not as crisp as Google Duo’s but the quality is good nonetheless. Hangouts let you send text, voice, and video call messages for free as long as the person you are trying to communicate with also has and uses Hangouts. And since it is hard to find anyone who doesn’t have a Google account this messaging app should come in handy for anyone. Hangouts lets you call US and Canada users for free.

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