Like the Mac versus PC culture that has been going on, a similar battle has been brought to the mobile world and this time its Google that has Apple in a wrestling match to supremacy. The two biggest operating systems for mobile devices in the market today are the iOS from Apple and the Android from Google. These two mobile operating systems make the bulk of the share of users in the mobile world.

Which Among the Two is the Best?

To authentically answer this question on a personal level it is the user that must ultimately decide on which operating system to use. There may be hundreds of forums and discussion boards debating on this matter and possibly thousands of articles insisting that one is better than the other. However, both operating systems do perform well in most aspects and exceptional in some.

Some Aspects that People Claim that Google does better than Android

  1. Google Play Store apps have better exposure

This is one of the observations many have made, that developers and dev companies report that Apps uploaded in the Google PlayStore have better chances of getting discovered. This maybe due to the greater number of Android users as opposed to the number of iOS users since there are more affordable Android devices on the market.

  1. Google Play Store is PRO developer

Another observation made by developers is that they find it easier to upload their Apps on Google Play Store and have it approved in contrast to when they upload their Apps to the Apple IOS App Store. This may be true due to the fact that Apple may have deliberately made it harder in order to wean out those who have half-baked products.

  1. Android Apps cost less

This maybe due to the overhead cost of development, however there is indeed a difference between the prices of apps that are found between the two platforms IOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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