Google Play Store is at the center of every Android operating system because that’s the place where people get their apps, mobile games and software from. The Play store is home to over one million of apps, but things don’t end there since the Play Store also features a huge music, TV Show and movie library.

Google Play Store 8.3.75 APK Update

The reason why we are talking about the Play Store today is because Google recently published a new APK (Android Package Kit) for it. This APK updates the store’s version number up to 8.3.75 and every Android fan is advised to download it as soon as possible if they want their smartphone to run smoothly.

Although, we need to mention that this APK update needs to be manually installed. This is the case with all APK files. Considering how APK updates are released days ahead of the public roll out, manually installing them doesn’t sound so bad in comparison with having to wait for Google to decide to release them OTA (over the air).

Improved Overall Performance

The changelog for this update doesn’t mention any new groundbreaking features but it does say that it improves the store’s overall performance. This means that the Play Store will run faster than usual and that it will provide users with a better experience.

Music, TV Shows, Books and Movies

As previously mentioned, the Play Store is a great place to find any type of entertainment. Android fans can purchase any song, book, movie and TV Show they want by simply searching for them and pressing one button.

In addition, every purchase is made directly through the app and its automatically downloaded on the smartphone or tablet. Also, the designated device need to be linked to an official user account.

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