Google Chrome is very popular on Android, and it might get even more users with this new updated version. Google Chrome Beta 64 will solve the annoying ads for you. We’re talking about those times when you browse something and some pages open without your permission and you can’t do much but closing the browser to get rid of them.

This issue is persistent, but Chrome added a new feature in their updated Beta 64 version. It will block any redirects or pop-ups that we all hate so much. Here is what will not pester you while you browse stuff on Chrome.

‘Your device is infected’ Pages Will Be Gone

We have all encountered some pages that automatically open when you browse a page and they tell you that ‘Your device is infected! You need to install <bla-bla-app> to clean it’. And your phone starts vibrating, threating your device. Say goodbye to these pop-ups, as you’ll never see them again!

What Does Chrome Actually Do to Block Ads/Redirects or Pop-Ups?

Chrome will stop a third party website to take over the one that you’re browsing. It will do so, and as it is blocking that third party website, it will show you a white bar with a warning message.

The latest Android Oreo 8.1 has a white navigation bar everywhere – in Google Photos, YouTube, Browsers and so on.

When will we get the official Google Chrome 64 version? We’re expecting the updated and stable version to be officially released in January 2018. But if you want to try out Google Chrome Beta 64, you can download it now as an APK file from apkmirror. The beta version also has stability and performance fixes. It is safe to be downloaded, as it comes with certificate fingerprints and it’s signed by Google LLC.

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