The best trend in the smartphone manufacturing has been increasing the size of its screen, while keeping the devices at small sizes. This means that we’ll enjoy normal sized phones with bigger screens due their minimal bezels.

Looking at the future Galaxy S9, we will definitely see the same size as its predecessor, the Galaxy S8, but with a bigger screen.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Size

Not long ago, there were rumors about the company looking for a way to increase the sizes of their next smartphones. We expect to see 90% display on the front of the Galaxy S9, but it will retain the same aspect ratio as the Galaxy S8: 18.5:9.

However, the bigger screen will attract a lot of customers next year. As for the design, the next Galaxy S9 smartphones will look similar to the Galaxy S8.

As for innovation, we’re going to see some features that would help Samsung compete with Apple’s iPhone X. But will they do better than Apple’s Face ID? Let’s see.

Galaxy S9 Display and Other Features

Next year we’ll see two new smartphones from Samsung: the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, which will come with a 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch Infinity Displays.

The Galaxy S9 will also have a single lens camera, while the S9 Plus model will come with dual lens cameras. This is a concerning fact, because people will have to choose from two different sizes, and if they want a better camera, they will have to go for the S9 Plus. Just because you prefer a more premium model, it doesn’t mean that you have to buy the larger device.

One would think that there are going to be more features for the Galaxy S9 Plus besides the camera, and we hope this will be the case for this model, or else just better quality pictures isn’t motivating enough.

We will just have to wait for a teaser, perhaps in February, 2018 and a release later on, in either March or April.

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