It appears that two of Google’s most famous web mapping services have captured images with something which alien hunters believe is an UFO. The existence of aliens and UFO has always been explored by enthusiasts and many speculations exist worldwide. It seems that alien hunters started to explore Google Maps and come across some interesting footage.

Mysterious UFO caught by Google Maps and Google Earth

UFO enthusiasts noticed a mysterious shape in the middle of an empty field. The object was spotted in Australia at coordinates 30°30’38.44″S 115°22’56.03″E. The images show a large triangle with many bright lights and this potential UFO has been discovered for the first time back in 2007.

An alternative explanation exists

What many alien hunters believed to have been an UFO landing on Australia’s empty fields, could in fact be an antenna used to receive and transmit control signals.

It is not the first time alien enthusiasts have mistaken an object for an UFO. Most of the times there is a logical and plausible explanation behind these type of incident. That was the case in Poland, Krakow. A base with round domed huts was spotted next to a road. Many hurried to say it was an UFO, when in reality it was a film studio, Alvernia Studios. Some famous films shot in the Alvernia Studios are Vamps, with Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter and Arbitrage, with Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon.

Alien believer have existed since ancient times

Many ancient civilizations such as the Maya, the Incas or the Egyptians believed that other planets are populated as well. Some even believe that aliens helped the Egyptians or the Mayas build their famous pyramids. There were many sings left behind by these civilizations suggesting they were sure we are not alone in the universe.

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