Most people, whether they play video games or not, have heard of the Grand Theft Auto series. It’s one of the most iconic games, which brings together first-person experience with a SIMS-like world. The character goes around the city and talks with other characters in the game.

The biggest difference between it and other video games is the level of violence it offers.

What’s The Gameplay Of GTA?

Grand Theft Auto is not designed for minors, as it includes alcohol, bad language, drugs, nudity and lots of violence. Players are a criminal that commits a ton of felonies in the game. There is no redeeming quality in the criminal, who kills police, rival gang members and innocent bystanders. Women are often tortured and treated as sex objects.

There are no good role models to take away from GTA, and it doesn’t provide any kind of moral lesson.

When Will GTA 6 Be Released?

There’s been no official word on Grand Theft Auto 6’s release date. However, there’s been speculation about it, but the game’s creator Rockstar has yet to make an announcement. One such rumor is that Rockstar, which also developed Red Dead Redemption 2, will release GTA 6 in 2020.

What Could Players Potentially Expect To See In GTA 6?

  • There’s no official word on the location for GTA6, but chances are it’ll be another U.S. city since there are many places to choose from.
  • The game could be compatible with virtual reality since the market has seen a rise in the number of VR products being produced.
  • A switch from evil to good and vice versa is possible. This means players could actually play a good guy character, which would be a breath of fresh air for players.
  • There could also be a female character to play, which would satisfy the ladies who love to play the GTA series. There’s been some talk that Eva Mendez could be the face of the leading female protagonist.

Settling The Rumors Circulating About Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online players have been hearing and reading all kinds of rumors about GTA 6 – storyline, release dates, main characters, maps, etc. However, Rockstar Games, the developer of the GTA series, has yet to make any announcement about the game, and they still have not completed Red Dead Redemption 2 for its release.

Yes, GTA 6 will be developed sometime in the future, but it may be later than people really want to hear. In fact, the chances of it being released next year are nearly nil.

When Is GTA 6 Likely To Be Released?

Red Dead Redemption 2 was supposed to come out during the fall season but was delayed for release until spring 2018. If Rockstar Games is developing GTA 6, the chances of them saying anything before the RDR 2 game is released is rather low. After all, they don’t want to take away from its spotlight.

What other reasons for a delay in releasing GTA 6? It could be that developers are looking at introducing the VR and AR technologies, which adds more money into its production. It cost developers $265 million to create GTA 5, so consider how much it would be if the AR and VR technologies were added into it.

Everything going around about GTA 6 is pure speculation including locations, characters, etc. Rockstar has not made any announcement or talked about GTA 6. If it were to be released, however, it’s not likely until 2020. And, that’s with confirmation that Rockstar Games is even developing it.

Don’t believe everything you read about GTA 6 until an announcement about it comes from Rockstar Games.

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