There have been rumors circulating about the possible release dates of the PS5 and Xbox Two such as a release date of sometime in 2018.

Many people, on the other hand, feel that a next-year release is a bit too early, especially since the latest devices are doing so well. If sales were to slow down or drop off suddenly, the next generation of consoles might actually be released.

There are a number of Internet conversations taking place about the Xbox One’s follow-up, which is marked as Xbox Two. People feel that Microsoft has been quietly working on the next gen tech, but nothing has been confirmed.

No doubt Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have been working to create a next-generation console. Given that the Xbox One X was recently released, chances for an Xbox Two to be released in the near future is slim to none.

Although there’s been talk of the PS5 being released in 2020, it’ll be some time before the Xbox Two is made public. For now, it appears both companies are not competing for the market, but rather complementing one another.

There’s been no confirmation from the companies on when the next generation of consoles will be released, but speculation is that the announcement will come in 2018.

Will Sony Release Its PS5 In 2019 or 2020

Sony’s next-gen console – the PS5 – is likely to be released sometime in 2019, with Microsoft following suit with its new Xbox in 2020. In the meantime, Sony’s PS4 is still making a copious amount of money for the company, which means it may be sometime before the company decides to release its PS5 to the public.

Of course, people have wondered if the PS5 is going to be a 4K device. If so, that means its launch won’t be coming until the sales of the PS4 drop. If these sales drop in 2019, the chances for a 2020 release are likely.

Some experts have stated that a 2018 launch for the PS5 is premature, especially given the PS4’s performance. If Sony postpones its PS5 release, this could be bad for the company. After all, the standout feature it offers may be lost to its rival Xbox One X.

For now, it appears both consoles are doing better than their predecessors. This also includes the Nintendo Switch, which may last a lot longer than one would think. Still, the Switch is no real match to the PS4 or the Xbox One. If Nintendo were to follow the heels of Sony and Microsoft, it might not have as big of sales as the other two.

Once the PS5 release date is confirmed, it means the release of an amazing feature – PS VR, which have been selling despite its limited produced number. Microsoft is still looking for something to release. It’s possible that a mixed-reality capability will be offered as well. There’s been no news about this though.

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