WhatsApp might be the most popular communication app right now, but nothing is irreplaceable. In fact, there have been a couple of times where WhatsApp went down and users had to find something else to do. However, there are many alternatives for this application, just in case something similar happens and you are not ready to return to the methods of the past.


It appears that this app managed to surpass WhatsApp when it comes to the number of users worldwide. WeChat is very popular especially in China, and it has in total over 650 million users. The application comes with various functions, including video calls and calls to landlines and mobile numbers.

Facebook Messenger

This right here is the most popular option. The only reason why it is not even more popular is because many people still associate it with a Facebook account. However, this also means that most of your friends and family already use it, you will be able to communicate with them.


While this might not be the first thing that pops in your mind when you think about messaging app, Instagram can be a really good alternative. First of all, all your friends are probably already using it, and the private messaging function has many hidden perks. With Instagram you will also be able to do something that you can’t do with WhatsApp: unsend messages. This feature can save you from a lot of embarrassment if you accidentally send the wrong message to someone.


This is something for the ones who remember the simpler times. Years ago, Blackberry phones were a must when it came to texting. Now, they have almost disappeared, but Blackberry Messenger is available as an app and you can get it for iOS and Android.

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  1. This list clearly lacks secure alternatives. All of the messengers offered have severe issues in terms of privacy. If you really want a safe alternative to WhatsApp you should definitely not go for any of those offered but for Threema (https://threema.ch/en/) for example.

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