Google has been intensely working on updating their apps and creating new features. But they didn’t forget about iOS, so they came with many updates for their iOS apps, mostly to support the newest Apple flagship, the iPhone X. It looks like the unusual screen has caused a few issues for many developers so far.

Google Updated Gmail After Working on Google Maps, Google Home and Other Apps

We’ve seen Google Maps getting an update to occupy the whole screen, supporting the iPhone X and covering both sides of the notch.

iPhone X also got support for Google Home and other productivity apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

The latest app from Google that supports iPhone X is G-mail. It not only comes with a new interface, that takes advantage of the full display and even the left and right sides of the notch.

The version of G-mail app is 5.0.171119, and if you’re looking for the notes of the new features, you won’t see anything that mentions iPhone X support. But as soon as you update the app on the iPhone X, you will see the great changes. The new version of Gmail app also takes out the huge black bars that were at the top and at the bottom of the app and lets you enjoy the big screen of your flagship iPhone X.

Another feature that came in iOS is that you can use non-Google email accounts (also known as third party email accounts). Yes, the feature was available on Android for years, but it’s great to have it on iOS too, especially since many of us use different emails for work, personal and so on.

You can download the last version of Gmail from iTunes if you haven’t done it already and check out the features by yourself.

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