The popular WhatsApp messaging app on Android and iOS devices has also become part of desktop computers. This was made possible via WhatsApp Web features allowing users to use their desktop computers as an extension of the WhatsApp messaging platform.

The app has now enabled users to gain access on their WhatsApp account and to chat with friends or with the group. You just need to scan the QR code of WhatsApp Web so that you can finally access your account on the computer.

Moreover, it mirrors what the mobile version does with the desktop version. Therefore, everything you do on the mobile device can be done on the desktop and vice versa. Thus, users are able to send or receive voice messages, videos, and images to your friends or the other way around.

The problem then was that it wouldn’t allow you to make or receive calls. So, calling them via WhatsApp Web was not possible during that time. You might want to get your phone in order to make some calls. Well, this inconvenience has finally been addressed in WhatsApp Web. Despite the fact that it has not been given any solution yet by WhatsApp itself, there are alternatives.

However, due to the security issues with the use of WhatsApp Web for computers, it has not a wise choice to make or receive calls through this method. For one, even if you close the browser, the WhatsApp Web feature wouldn’t shut off. Therefore, it would become a risk, as anyone who has access to your computer is able to check and find out who you have been talking to on WhatsApp Web.

Perhaps this issue might not bother you, but some people consider this important. So you need to go to the WhatsApp application -> Option -> WhatsApp Web -> Log out from all computers. This will disconnect you from any computer you have logged into using the QR code.

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