Android’s latest version is the Oreo, which has been available for some time. Despite this though, there are still many devices that don’t have it, and many Android device owners continue to stick with the Nougat software.

Since that seems to be the case, one has to wonder which one is better – Nougat or Oreo.

A Look At User Friendliness

When it comes to user-friendly, the Oreo software takes the cake here. There are a plethora of functions that make it easier for people to use. With its Autofill feature, you can fill forms out much quicker. Oreo is also regarded as an advanced AI, which means users have a little help completing tasks. It also helps by learning their preferences.

A Look At App Notifications

Oreo has also changed how Android deals with notifications. In fact, it came with a snooze feature for notifications. Oreo also had notification dots that show up next to app icons when someone has not read a notification. Long tapping them lets you preview these notifications without the app opening.

A Look At Quick Settings

Both Oreo and Nougat have their own features for the quick settings. In Nougat, hitting the Flight, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mode icons would open the Quick Settings. It’s different in Oreo. Tapping the icons just switches them on and off. If you tap on the text under those icons, then the Quick Setting appears.

The majority of people are fairly content with Nougat and don’t like the idea of changing it.

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