Another game has made the December list for PS Plus members. The Smite PS Plus pack on PS4 is available and it comes with many items: skins, voices and announcers. The game pack will be available for free until the 9th of January, only for PS Plus subscribers.

Smite for PS4

The game pack contains 31 skins, 20 Gods and Voice Packs, including the Khepri Announcer Pack. Fans are excited to test the bundle of cosmetics and playable characters.
The free-to-play videogame is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and it is available for macOS, Xbox One, PS and Windows. Its developer and publisher is Hi-Rez Studios.

Players are allowed to control a god or goddess and join a team combat against other gods. The game has player versus player mode and there is even an annual championship in the US: the annual Smite World Championship. The first prize of the championship is of 1 million $.

The Smite for PS4 game comes with many skins and it includes outfits inspired by Pokémon, Donkey Kong and Bob Ross.

The December PS Plus lineup

Smite is not the only game available for free this December. There are other games available for PS Plus members such as Kung-Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends, Forma 8, Xblaze: Lost Memories, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Wanted Corp for Vita and Xblaze Syberia Collection for PS3.

Controversies due to using Hindu Gods

Hindu leaders criticized the game back in 2012 because it used Hindu gods such as Kali, Agni and Vamana. The Hindu leaders did not agree with the way the gods were dressed in the game and they asked Hi-Rez to remove them from the game. Hi-Rez did not remove the god and replied that the gamehas gods from many pantheons.

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