Windows is arguably the go to operating system for a lot of computer users. Throughout the years the Windows operating system has met a lot of bumps along the road but it has continued to thrive through persistence and learning from their mistakes. In fact you can find a lot of material online that discriminates the poor quality of the older Windows operating systems.

However the later OS versions from Microsoft became better and better as the years went by. In fact the latest one which is Windows 10 reported is the best of the last two Windows Operating systems.

How to get the Windows 10?

When Windows 10 was announced by Microsoft it came as a free upgrade. Everyone was eligible to the upgrade as long as you were using a legal copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system. This went on for a full year or so and then Microsoft stopped rolling out the free upgrade. However there is still a way for you to get the upgrade without paying a single dime, but you have to be a user of assistive technologies. Yes, Microsoft is still giving users of assistive technologies the opportunity to use their newest operating system without buying it as long as they are currently using a legitimate copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Pro Tip: If you have a Windows laptop that is already aging. A smart move would be just to sell it out as a second hand and buy a new laptop with newer specs and a free copy of Windows 10 installed.

If you are to buy a standalone copy of Windows 10, you will have to pay $119 for a Home edition, while $199 for the Pro edition.

What’s New with Windows 10?

  1. The Start Menu is revived

There are a lot of new features sported by Windows 10 that users immediately love and the first one would be that the start menu is back which was taken away when Windows 8 came out.

  1. Out with Old and In with the New

The notorious Internet explorer that is the subject of my puns and jokes due to its poor quality is finally replaced by the new Edge browser. Reports on this new browser are excellent; many find it comparable to the leading third party browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

  1. Users are now allowed to Add Multiple Desktops

This new feature will allow users to add multiple desktops and quickly switch from one to another. This is very useful if you are a type of user you opens a lot of Apps at once. Multiple desktops will allow you to efficiently group related apps for your current workflow.

  1. Meet your Personal Assistant Cortana

A.I. is becoming more and more popular these days and Microsoft won’t let its Windows 10 users to fall behind. You can now easily talk to Cortana and ask questions or queries. Users can quickly do searches by pressing the Windows Key button. Cortana can also help you organize your day by enabling it to allow reminders. Microsoft allows you to sync up third-party calendars like Google Calendar with Cortana.

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