Lots of businesses have used a variety of cloud services to meet data storage requirements. These services act as external servers in which you can store various data for different uses. They are basically hard drives in which you lease space.

Over the years, cloud computing has been improved, which extended to become storage spaces, infrastructure as a service, and software as a service. If you were to choose cloud services, it is important to know which one can cater to your data storage needs, including media files, emails, documents, calendar information, and contacts.

For some people, choosing the best cloud service is based on personal preferences. Here are some of the possible cloud services that you can use.

  • Amazon Drive – if you are looking for a personal hard drive from a remote location, then Amazon Drive can be your great companion. It offers cloud service support for various content, including document, music, photos, and videos, without file size limit.
  • Microsoft One Drive – if you are looking for affordable cloud service for small businesses, take One Drive as your best choice. With less than $2 a month for the basic plan of 50GB of storage, you can get 5GB of storage space for free.
  • G Suite – if editing on the go is what you need, then G Suite is right for you. This was known as Google Apps before, which you can use with a Chrome extension. Opening a MS Office file, editing it, and saving it for later have never been this easily accessible.
  • Dropbox – when it comes to cloud services with more free storage space, Dropbox should be your best choice. With a basic account, you will get 16GB, and 32GB when you get a pro account. You can even earn bonus storage if you recommend your friends and they will sign up.
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