Every second Tuesday of the month, the most recent batch of software patches brings with it some huge array of security updates to both Adobe and Microsoft. Although all updates are considered important, users of Adobe Flash Player find it very important to have these updates to fix crucial vulnerabilities.

In this regard, users are able to address security concerns, such as being open to malware and virus attacks. Here are some of the updates that were released and instructions on how to determine if your version of the software is updated or not.

Adobe updates released during the patch Tuesday were products, such as Photoshop, Reader and Shockwave, and Flash Player. However, most of the updates went to appear in Flash Player software. In fact, Adobe was able to release 9 product updates within the month of November alone. Most of these updates were intended for critical security vulnerabilities.

There were some updates labeled 2nd Priority though due to the absence of any known malware yet in these products. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be taken as unimportant by users because they might be among the targeted software of Adobe.

This means that while these updates are labeled as such, they indicate that the vulnerabilities are not actively being exploited yet or not yet disclosed as of the moment. Thus, users are advised to update all Adobe products on their computer, which include Acrobat, Reader and Shockwave, and Flash Player, being the most important product. On the other hand, if you haven’t installed or used Flash Player on your computer, then there is no reason for concern regarding this matter.

In addition, it is critical to update major browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. Several updates regarding these browsers come with critical security vulnerabilities, so it is important to ensure they are on your priority list.

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