On Thrusday, CIA boss Mike Pompeo said that the United States should behave as if Kim Jong-Un‘s regime is “about to” get a nuclear missile capable of hitting targets US. “They [are] pretty close now,” he said.

One slogan: predict the worst. CIA Director Mike Pompeo said Thursday at a Washington conference that the United States should behave as if North Korea is “about to” get a missile nuclear weapons capable of hitting American targets and preventing them from doing so.

Recalling, like the national security adviser, General HR McMaster before him, that Donald Trump would prefer to bring Kim Jong-Un’s regime back to the negotiating table through diplomatic channels or sanctions, the boss of the well-known news agency intelligence pointed out that the US president was determined to prevent the dictatorship from achieving its ends.

Military option is on the table

The use of military force, however, remains an option. “They are close enough now to the capabilities (from the perspective of the American political point of view) that we behave as if they were about to achieve their goal,” said Mike Pompeo. According to him, had the US secret service monitored the North Korean nuclear program in the past, Pyongyang’s missile expertise is now evolving too rapidly to predict anything.

“The president has been very clear,” he added. “He is ready to make sure that Kim Jong-Un does not have the ability to put America at risk by military force if necessary.” Words that should not change much to a situation that is still at a standstill. North Korea said Monday at the UN that it would not join a negotiating table on its weapons programs as long as the United States would keep their “hostile policy”.

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  1. The Iraq War looked like a bug getting stepped on. So NoKo has a few crappy missiles. Compared to the 4th largest military in the world which Iraq was and compared to how much more “push button death from above” the USA has become since Iraq, the Koreans will look like a very small bug getting swatted. Time for them to be disarmed by force because they will not be disarmed willingly. SWAT THAT BUG!

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