US has accused Russia that they knew about the chemical attack in Syria from 7th April and that they even tried to cover it since Russian-made fighter jet bombed a hospital where victims of the attack, which took the life of 87 civilians, were being treated. Russia answered that any further sanctions on the country over its support of Bashar Assad’s government might mean a “real war” with USA.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, on the other hand, called for sanctions to be imposed on Russia over its ties with the Assad regime. Johnson was even due to begin a visit to Moscow on Monday, which he cancelled. The Russian foreign ministry commented that Johnson had shown a “fundamental misunderstanding or lack of knowledge of the events in Syria, Russia’s efforts to settle that crisis, and the general objectives of diplomacy.”

It is unknown what actions US may take against Russia on the Syrian crisis, however earlier this Monday Russia implied that that if G-7 nations — which include France, Canada, the UK, and Japan — delivered an “ultimatum” involving increasing sanctions, it could result in “real war” between the US and its allies and Russia.

The good news is that at the G-7 meeting it was decided no further sanctions to be imposed on Russia but it was urged to use all its powers to influence Assad’s government.

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