Helga Hullmann, a judge at the Stockholm District Court, confirmed that a second person was arrested on a lower degree of suspicion in connection to the Stockholm terror attack from Friday, April 7. She also confirmed that the person had a public defender appointed.

Hours after a truck crashed into the pedestrians on a busy central street in Stockholm, the police arrested a 39-year-old man from Uzbekistan as being the driver of the vehicle. The man is known to security services as an asylum seeker who was denied permanent residence in Sweden and was wanted for deportation. It was reported that he has expressed interest in extremist organizations, including ISIS.

On Sunday Swedish police confirmed that all 4 victims of the terror attack were identified and include one British person, one Belgian and two Swedes. The attack has wounded more than 15 people, 4 of which have serious injuries and a total of 8 are still being treated in a hospital. One of the wounded was a child who had only minor injuries

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