After the withdrawal of the militants of the Islamic State fтоm the occupied by them territories there were found 72 mass graves, reported Associated Press, referring to made by it interviews, satellite images, and articles. This is the most detailed study so far, but they may be found much more while the jihadist group retreats.

Associated Press discovered the location of 17 mass graves in Syria. In one of them, there are hundreds of bodies of people from the same tribe. Estimates of the total number of victims vary from 5,200 people to over 15,000.

Near the prison Badu, not far from Mosul, were buried more than 600 prisoners.

In at least one case, the perpetrators have been punished. On August 21, 36 people were hanged for the death of about 1,700 Iraqi soldiers shot with a machine gun in the barracks Camp Spyker.


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