US authorities are willing to pay 3 million dollars for information on the location of Tajik Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov, who joined the group Islamic State, transmits Interfax.

The remuneration will be awarded within the program “Rewards for Justice”, which realizes the Bureau of Diplomatic Security State Department. The informed person can turn to the nearest US Embassy or send information by email to the diplomatic structures of America, told the Tajik Radio Liberty the  Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States Kurt Rice.

According to Rice, the former commander of the Defense Ministry of Tajikistan in the period 2003-2014, was trained in American counter-terrorism training centers.

Khalimov disappeared at the end of April 2014 and a few months later declared himself in Syria. In his video message, he said he joined the “Islamic State” because of dissatisfaction with the methods of work of the Ministry of Interior, which, in his words, worries believers in their right on the ways of prayer and the wear of religious clothing.


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