Weddings are perhaps one of the most important days in anybody’s life. For this occasion, you might go out of your way to look for things you can do in a different manner as compared to other people. You are constantly on the lookout for creative and unique alternatives to things that may usually seem very bland and uninteresting. Every aspect of your wedding has to be perfect.

Well, it definitely helps if you are someone who is comfortable using technology and can use it to your advantage. If you are a tech-savvy modern couple, the following tips will work great for you and give your wedding the X-factor it needs.

 1. Make a Pre-Wedding Video

This is a pre-wedding ritual that almost every tech-savvy couple follows. A pre-wedding video is essentially where the couple hires a professional photographer, goes to an exotic or beautiful location, and gets really nice pictures clicked.

In between this whole thing, a few videos or short clippings are also taken of the couple. These are all integrated together and made into a slideshow that is played during the wedding. These videos can be edited by using the very many innovative template options by websites like InVideo provide.

2. Create a Website

This is what many young couples do nowadays. They create a website exclusively about themselves and their wedding ceremonies and celebrations. Here, their guests can find all the things they need to know about the bride or the groom or any specifications related to the wedding.

The videos and information you put here will be viewed by all the people who have the link to the website. These people can then access all the information that you keep on updating on this website.

3. Make Other Interactive Videos

The best way to use your tech-savvy skills in today’s time is to make videos out of everything you have. The reason for this is that videos are more interactive, and a larger number of people prefer watching videos to actually reading about something.

So if you can make most of your content surrounding videos, it could work wonders for you. This makes it very easy for people to create and edit videos using their various templates and quick to edit options, making it one of the best slideshow maker out there.

4. Insert Images and Text

In your videos, you can insert images of the two of you taken before or during the wedding, make sure you throw in some candid pictures as well as some aesthetic looking pictures to make your video more attractive.

Along with this, you can also insert text in the form of information or simple quotes that you would like to incorporate in the video. Make sure the text isn’t too much to read and format it in color, size, and font that is easily readable.

5. Add Effects

There are many effects such as confetti, smoke entertainment, etc. available that you can put in between your slides to give it a smooth transition and also make them visually appealing for your viewers.

Apart from these effects, there are also many enhancers that you can use to make your video attractive and make it stand apart from the rest of the wedding creatives that you may have seen. You will find that within these options of enhancers and effects, there are more options within each category to ensure that your video looks unique and one of a kind.

6. Make An Invitation Video

An invitation video, also known as a digital E-vite, can be really fascinating for your guests to watch. You can make this video by choosing a  wedding invitation template on the website, and by doing so, you can easily edit all the amazing pictures that you have taken. 

This invitation video can also mention all the ceremonies, venues, dates, and times on them alongside the pictures. This will not only give your invitees the information they need but will also give them some good content to look at.  Websites like InVideo provide effects, enhancers, and stickers that you can incorporate in the video, and because this service comes at no cost, this free invitation maker app will surely live up to your expectations.

7. Plan An After-Movie

Even after the whole wedding is over, you can take snippets and highlights from all the ceremonies and functions and club them together to make a great video that will accentuate all the special memories of the day.

This video can be one or two minutes long, and with the help of InVideo, you can add a song of your choice to the background to make it more entertaining. Along with a song, you can add other audio and media according to your choice to make the video as engaging as possible.

8. Make a Slideshow of all Your Pictures Together

These pictures can be a combination of new ones that you have clicked and a few old pictures. Pictures with family, other important people like friends, etc., can come here. You can display all these pictures on a projector or a larger screen during one of the ceremonies alongside a pre-wedding video.

There really is no limit to the number of things you can do with videos. You are the one who has to decide which type of videos you want to include and if you want to skip any of these options. No matter what the video is, it will always look good if it is genuine, and work has been put into making it.

9. Share it on Social Media

Once you have done all these things, make sure to voice it over on social media, and in no time, you will see your wedding become a social media sensation. You can promote your videos and other content on Instagram through stories, posts, and IGTV videos, on Facebook through posts and other platforms.

If you manage to do these things well, your wedding will no doubt be the talk of the town!


By using all the above pre-wedding rituals, you are sure to leave a mark in the minds of your guests for years to come. All this can be done easily by using tools like InVideo that make it all very easy to do so, for amateurs as well as professionals.

When you are making use of any of the above tips, make sure you give it your all and try to do your best work. Only then will you see the results come out perfectly, and the wedding of your dreams becomes a reality.

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