Good news for Transformers fans because the robots in disguise are going back to the big screen in the summer of 2022. At least, this was according to Paramount Pictures to set a new release date for a new Transformers film, which is technically Transformers 7.

This is just one of the several movies in development right now. The only question is that what movie is there to see when the franchise returns after 2 years. A reliable source stated that this mystery Transformers movie is going to hit theaters on June 24, 2022.

The Transformers 7 is yet to be given a title, along with its cast and crew who are still to be announced soon. Along with the live-action movie in Transformers 7 comes a spin-off movie called Bumblebee also getting a sequel.

Possible Plot For Transformers 7

It might be tricky to guess the plot that Paramount is going to do with Transformers 7 because both movies have the quality that makes them the right fit. So the triumph of the 2018 movie will be the basis of producing a new film to be set in the same universe as the first Bumblebee movie.

Expected Release Dates

The premier of Transformers 7 will be released 3 weeks after The Flash movie. So it will be a week before the proposed animated film from Pixar and 2 weeks ahead for the film Captain Marvel 2.

Director and Cast

The director of the major Transformers films Michael Bay has finally resigned after directing 5 of it. This has caused many to wonder why he has decided to do so. Perhaps it is a major mistake to let the core crew leave, but that remains to be seen in 2022 if the move was indeed worthwhile.

As for the cast, many people are having their own theories regarding the main cast to star Transformers 7. However, there are no announcements made yet until today. The delayed release date of Transformers 7 might be the reason behind this development.

Why Transformers Was Delayed?

Among the most notable reasons why the release of Transformers 7 was delayed was due to its director leaving, critical disdain, failure to expand the brand, financial struggles, and priorities set by Paramount.

Perhaps the recent announcement of its release of Transformers 7 can erase all doubts surrounding the continuation of the franchise.

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