A suspected killer planned a copycat Berlin lorry attack after beheading a woman and her daughter, police believe. The unnamed 31-year-old drove a juggernaut towards a police roadblock at 100mph in the Ukrainian city of Odessa.

The man, named as 25-year-old Dmitry P is alleged to have killed a 42-year-old woman and her two-year-old daughter. He then drove a lorry at high speed but was stopped by police from getting into Odessa in southern Ukraine. On his way to the city, he had already caused a traffic accident while driving at speeds of 100mph, which is why police became suspicious and stopped him getting into populated areas.

After finding the road blocked, the driver of the truck veered into a field. The lorry became stuck but the main escaped tailing police on foot.  Sniffer dogs, elite police troops, and Ukrainian national guards are all involved in the hunt, it was reported.

His motives for the alleged beheading are not known. It was not clear if he had hijacked the truck.

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