The security authorities have succeeded in dismantling terror cells and foiling plots to carry out blasts and assassinations, Chief of Public Security, Major-General Tariq Al Hassan said yesterday.  He attributed the success of the security authorities to the cooperation of brotherly and friendly countries.

Inaugurating a two-day meeting of GCC experts in weapons and explosives, Al Hassan said that Bahrain paid a heavy price in the war on terrorism. More than 20 policemen lost their lives and 3300 injured since 2011, he added.

The meeting is part of 37th Gulf summit that was held in Bahrain in the presence of UK Prime Minister Theresa May to enhance security cooperation.

Al Hassan conveyed the greetings of Interior Minister, expressing thanks and appreciation for organising this seminar held as part of the partnership with the GCC General Secretariat and the British Defence Ministry. He said that terrorism destroys property and harms innocent people, civilians and military personnel. It endangers the entire society.

Al Hassan highlighted that Bahrain had been bearing the brunt of terror backed by Iran for decades, specifically after Khomeini’s revolution in Iran. He accused Iran for carrying out terror through organisations such as Hezbollah, Saraya Al-Ashtar, February 14 and Al Wafa movement.

He highlighted the involvement of the Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in recruiting, financing and training terror cells and providing them with logistic operations such as ammunition and explosives that are trafficked through the borders and the forming of military camps in Iran and Iraq.

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