We’re really excited to hear about you getting a brand new Nintendo Switch! It’s good to have it back. Let’s hope you’re totally nailing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by now, but if you think you’ve had enough, try to investigate a portion of the new features. It even has Easter Eggs and some other surprises for you that you absolutely need to try.

Enjoy your TV

The Switch can turn on or off your TV for you, or simply switch its input when it comes to booting it up. This is wireless, too. Simply tap the Home button on your Joy-Con or Pro controller. If this feature is not among your favourites, and surely not all TV’s are strong enough to do it, turn it off in Settings, by looking for TV Settings, then press Match TV Power State.

Connect Joy-Cons with Android

Playing game on Android with Joy Con

Joy-Cons are really making a name for themselves. It was really great news when we found out that we can connect the Joy-Con to the Android smartphone. What’s really even better news, is that it works with Mac and PCs, too! But don’t forget about JoyToKeyto app, it’s essential for decoding the buttons correctly for Windows. Bluetooth has an important role in this because they work on the base that Nintendo utilizes it to connect them. Just press the sync button from the top of the controller for a couple of moments and then the lights should start flashing, telling you they’re about to connect. Look for them in the Bluetooth menu of your telephone or PC and you’re ready.

What a battery!

It can last up to 6 hours, which might make you feel annoyed from time to time. Tap on the home button (you can do it while playing a game, too!) and after a bit, the menu will show in front of your face. You can now check your battery life, change the volume and brightness. You can also see the exact number when it comes to the percent of the battery. It will show in the upper right of the home screen and all you have to do is hold the ZL and ZR together, or change it forever by going in setting, in system, and pressing the console battery (%)

Make some noise!

The Switch gives you a chance to unlock it by tapping any button three times, yet have you really attempted to do it? If you have, you’ll see this software called Easter egg. Most of the button has the same sound, yet the left control stick, right control stick, ZL trigger, and ZR trigger can sound weird, something like a comedian’s horn? Here’s another thing to try if you’re curious: depending on how hard you touch the screen, the switch can make different sounds because the screen is sensitive to pressure.

Do you know how long you’ve been playing that?

Ever thought about how long you spent time with Zelda? It’s anything but difficult to check. Tap on your Mii picture from the left corner of your Switch home screen. Then tap on Profile to see an estimative number of how much time you’ve squandered gathering Korok seeds. On the chance that you’ve made friends, ask them to give you their Friend Code, so you can see what they’ve played, as well! However, if you don’t want them to know how much time you wasted playing a game, you can quit sharing this number by going in Settings, then Users, choose your name and then go to friend settings.

Trick them to get new games

You can, without much of a stress, to change your region in Settings, then System, then Region. Up until this point, most games are accessible all around the world, however, a few titles may make an appearance in one region first. There’s an important advantage if you want to change your location from the US to Europe: the box art may change for a few games, like Breath of the Wild. You can also make another user for every location you want to use.

Use the Dark Mode

This is super simple, and you can experiment with the Dark Mode by choosing Basic Black from Settings, then go to Themes. It’s less demanding on the eyes than the default white foundation, particularly in the case you’re utilizing the Switch in handheld mode.

Connection is everything

On the Switch’s dock, you can find three USB ports. You can connect to most any USB keyboard and there’s not a single reason for it not to work. Simply remember that you can’t really play games with the keyboard. If you have a USB Bluetooth headset, that might work, too. We were amazed to find out that some of the PS4 headsets connected smoothly to the Switch.

What to do in case it crashes

The Switch is really steady, yet but it was stated that there have been a couple of times when users’ has crashed lately. By turning the Switch off for a couple of moments, until you see the restart menu again might help you. In the event that that doesn’t occur, the best arrangement is to complete a hard reset by pressing the power button for around 12 seconds or so. When it shuts down, hold up 30 seconds and turn it on again.

In the event that your issues still won’t let you alone, you can have a go by putting it in the  Maintenance Mode by pressing the power button. When the Nintendo logo shows up on the screen, just press both volume buttons. This will let you reset it to its factory settlements.

Remember when…

World of Goo on Nintendo Switch

In case you want to bring back the ol’ good days, The Joy-Cons can be used with the motion controls in some games. For example, look for the World of Goo into the Nintendo eShop, install and open it with a Joy-Con. The game will require the Joy-Con to be set on a flat surface. Then proceed to point it at the screen. Do this and afterwards, you can enjoy it simply like a Wii Remote, that has an onscreen cursor!

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