Are you one of the fans who are eagerly waiting for the release date of Half-Life 3? Well, here are some updates regarding the status of Half-Life 3, as it has become one if not the greatest mystery in PC gaming.

If you search the Web for some information about the game, you will notice that there has not been a recent update yet. In fact, most are just fragments of information from previous updates about the game. Moreover, there has not been any confirmation about the development of the project.

No Confirmation Yet

Half-Life developer, Valve, has remained quiet about the future of the franchise. In fact, it is easier to speculate that its developer is still perfecting the game and fine-tuning things, as the hardware advances. However, the reality is that Valve might not be working on it right now.

Half-Life: Alyx

Nevertheless, the seemingly dormant status of the long-awaited game from Valve might still flicker some hope with the upcoming release date of Half-Life 3 in March 2020. That is because Valve has favored more on virtual reality gaming such as in Half-Life: Alyx.

In an interview with Valve’s videogame developer Robin Walker, he said that Half-Life 3 was a daunting prospect. Thus, VR was a way that they thought could leverage the current status towards a better perspective.

Half-Life 3 for VR

There is a great possibility though that Half-Life 3 for VR can be developed. That is after the announcement made for the release of Half-Life: Alyx, which will be in VR. It is even more interesting to note that Half-Life: Alyx is a prequel to the events of Half-Life 2.

That said, it is not branded as the third entry or third episode into the series. But this does not confirm either if Half-Life 3 will be exclusive to VR as well. But one thing is for sure that Half-Life: Alyx will be the new flagship VR game of Valve.

Development of the Next Half-Life

Since Half-Life 3 is the most anticipated version of the series, it can’t be denied that people kept on looking forward to its release date. It is understandable, however, that there is a third release of the franchise.

But that does not mean that it already is the so-called Half-Life 3. Perhaps you can consider it as the prequel to the series that will be coming in March 2020 called Half-Life: Alyx.

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