We all know that Clash Royale was already an awesome game. But prepare for more awesomeness, because the game decided to release the Royal Ghost Card, which brings a new thing to the game: invisibility.

What is up with this card?

This card has been long waited by the players and we’re thrilled to announce you that Clash Royale made this dream come true: the card it’s finally here!

The Royal Ghost ended up to be accessible to players prior today. It’s a legendary card that uses 3 elixirs, so it’s understandable why it’s so hard for us to get it. And you can get it only if you have reached Arena 10, the Hog Mountain. But the way we see it, it’s worth a try.

What is it, to be exact?

This amazing card is a quick skirmish troop that can bargain 135 harm for each second at level one. In any case, the most interesting part of the Royal Ghost is the new element it’s conveyed to this game, the fact that it is invisible.

About the invisible thing

When you summon the Royal Ghost, it’ll be imperceptible on the arena, until the point that it attacks. In the event that it effectively executes an adversary’s card, it’ll wind up invisible again to the point that he assaults once more. Isn’t that amazing?

What can it do, actually?

This unbelievable card comes with a few new key alternatives to the game’s strategy. The ghost can crawl up on skirmish cards, or imperceptibly sneak past air units. It can be utilized to toss up the enemy, or protectively ensure your Princess Towers. The key potential outcomes of the Royal Ghost appear to be unending now.

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