Whether you are going to play Fallout 4 in VR or not, you should know which ending is the best out of the four possible ones.

How do you get to that ending? Well, the main questline depends on the choices you took in the 2nd and 3rd act of the game. If you don’t want spoilers, then you shouldn’t continue reading this guide, because we will walk you through and help you choose an ending. Or you could play over and over again and go through all of them.

You will have to be friendly with one of these factions: The Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad or Minutemen. Each faction will come with an optional objective. Supporting a faction will unlock the last questline – Act Three and you will get to the ending.

To fix the teleporter you will need the help of a faction. When arriving at the Institute in the Molecular Level, you can either take the data and give it to your faction or leave it there. This last option will make you an ally of the Institute and you will get the fourth ending.

In the end, you still get to destroy two factions and then choose between the Institute or the last standing faction. Only the Institute ending is different from the others.

  1. Minutemen Ending

You will destroy the other two factions and have the Minutemen help you build the teleporter to meet with Father. Establish eight settlements and you will progress with the questline. Then you should see that you must attack the Institute and the Brotherhood of Steel. The Minutemen will bring peace and you will be available to complete railroad quests.

  1. Railroad Ending

You will destroy the institute and the Brotherhood of Steel and the Minutemen will survive. the Railroad will help you build the teleporter and meet with father. Wait for the Railroad to tell you when to attack the Institute if you don’t want to block this ending. Give the railroad the Institute data, while keeping the Institute friendly. The Railroad will bring a spy to infiltrate the Institute.

After that you can go and end the Brotherhood of Steel and the Institute. You will get to adopt a Synth child that has Shaun’s memories. This ending shows a free Commonwealth with friendly synths around and Minutemen quests to be completed.

  1. Brotherhood of Steel Ending

You will have to destroy both the Institute and the Railroad, while the Minutemen will survive. This ending is the only one when the Brotherhood of Steel survives. They will help you build the teleporter, demand you to give them the data once you’ve seen the Father. This faction is totalitarian and has two options for you: you either destroy the Railroad and reactivate Liberty Prime or you can complete Institute quests and destroy the Railroad and you will betray the Mass Fusion by double crossing the Brotherhood.

No matter what ending you choose of these three, the Institute gets destroyed.

  1. Institute Ending

Choosing the Institute means destroying the Brotherhood of Steel and the Railroad, while the Minutemen survive. This is an easy way to end the game, as long as you are on the good side of the Institute and either follow the Institute quest line or go with the double crossing of the Brotherhood after you’ve completed their questline.

Both options will end up with the destruction of the Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel and you’ll take over and lead the Institute. The Minutemen will survive, synths will be slaves and you will be able to complete Minutemen quests.

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