If you have an older Samsung device and want to use WhatsApp Messenger, you may still be able to do this. Be aware that WhatsApp no longer supports for Samsung and Nokia S40 and S60 phones as of June 30, 2017.

Also in June 2017, it stopped support for the BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry OS.

And, starting in 2018, WhatsApp stop support for a number of other devices such as Android devices running 2.3.3. or older, Windows Phone 7 and iPhone 3GS with iOS 6 installed.

If you’re not sure if WhatsApp will still work on your phone, there are some things you can do to find out. Believe it or not, even an outdated phone can still install and use the app. To find out whether yours does or not, you need to connect the device to the Internet and download the app. You’ll get instructions on how to download it if there’s still support. If it’s not, you’ll also get a notification letting you know that you cannot install it.

If you want WhatsApp on your Samsung device, be sure it’s got at least Android 2.3.3 or higher installed. You’ll need some kind of connection to the Internet – Wi-Fi or data – to continue the process. Wi-Fi only devices, iPads, iPods, computers and tablets are not supported.

There are still several Nokia S40 devices that will run WhatsApp such as Nokia S60 third and fifth edition, Symbian Belle OS and Symbian Anna. Symbian phones will need a minimum of Nokia S40 with an Internet data plan. Subscribers to Vodafone and Vivo carriers in Portugal and Brazil may find WhatsApp unusable to them as well because there is no support for it.

WhatsApp is usable through a desktop version. For example, you can download WhatsApp to your computer using the WhatsApp Web app, which syncs to your phone. You’ll need to log into your WhatsApp account each time the app is opened on your computer.

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