Fallout 4’s upcoming updates remains a great mystery among avid fans of this post-apocalyptic video. Bethesda Game Studios, the brains behind the Fallout series, sure loves to keep their fans wanting for more as they keep the suspense high on what to expect next on their favorite game.

About Fallout 4’s Recent Updates

According to Bethesda’s latest Fallout 4 update through the developer’s official site, PS4 users will see a new feature showing a support for pets and a few bugs fixed for Creation such as Prototype Gauss Rifle, Hellfire Power Armor, and Arcade Workshop Pack. Updates were also given to Xbox One X and for the game’s VR version.

For the recent updates for Xbox One X’s gameplay, Fallout 4 update included a new official support access for the console. Also, certain bug fixes were also addressed. This includes updating the game’s script functions in order to support new creations, fixing corrupted textures in relation to reflections, and removing the report button from Mods.

VR gaming for Fallout 4 was also treated with their updated version. In this update, new gaming features were added to improve the entire gameplay experience. The developers added a number of options to the VR settings such as adjusting the world scale to resolve height issues, inverting Pip-Boy map scrolling, and some others.

What Fans Can Expect for Fallout 4’s Upcoming Update

Fans all over the world are hopeful to see more of Fallout 4’s upcoming update. All in all, they are looking to see even more improvements and enhancements to its overall gameplay. More specifically, fans are waiting for the game’s 1.22 update to be released. Bethesda is open when it comes to getting insights on how to improve their gaming experience. Until then, fans will surely keep an eye for more updates and releases from the game.

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