Among the top selling games of all time is the Grand Theft Auto 5. Well, this is due to the overwhelming support for GTA Online with the arrival of some huge number of platforms. This includes the arrival of a wave of GTA 5 mods on the PC, which means that there are huge expectations for a sequel.

Moreover, the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on the Xbox One and PS4 in October might have triggered the diversion of Rockstar to the Old West. Nevertheless, people still want to know when the release date for the much anticipated GTA 6.

Basically, although there is much hype in the coming of GTA 6, the launching of Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018 would hamper its release. It wouldn’t be until at least another year or even longer.

However, there are no confirmation just yet as to when GTA 6 will emerge and its return to the Vice City, which could be a potential setting. As a matter of fact, the game will be held in 2 distinct locations, South America and Vice City.

The prominent setting will be Miami, but South America could be also be explored in some missions. On another development, GTA 6 will feature the first ever protagonist of the series, which has been dubbed as a great new step onwards.

Nevertheless, the release date could just be 3-4 years away for now. This could be the reason why Rockstar has put a lot of effort and resources for Red Dead Redemption 2 for the moment.

The strong central character will be a female this time, which is typical of having male protagonist in GTA series. Well, it is perhaps the right time for Rockstar Games to introduce a strong female character, even as part of a system in GTA 5 having a multi-protagonist setting.

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