Virtual reality has significantly enhanced the gaming experience. That is why choosing the right headset can be an important decision. When it comes to the best brands HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are the most important rivals on the market.

While they have many things in common they also have a lot of differences. Today we will compare them so that you can find out which one is better for your needs.


The design is responsible for your comfort when you are playing so you must choose a headset that will allow you to feel comfortable while playing. Remember that the headset will be stuck to your face so it is crucial that it is easy to wear.

The weight is important and the Vive headset weighs in around 555 g, if we do not take the headphones into account. Meanwhile, Oculus is 470 g with some headphones. However, the fact that Vive is bigger can have an advantage since it allows it to use a lens distance knob

HTC Vive comes with 37 visible sensors which make it larger than the Oculus, and it kind of looks like a bigger version of it. Oculus Rift also has some headphones that you can change for a pair of earphones that cost $49.


Here things are a bit similar. They both have two OLED panels with a combined 2,160 x 1200 resolution. The Rift has a 90Hz refresh rate on both headsets and asynchronous spacewarp. Both Vive and Oculus Rift have 110 degree field of view.

Oculus also has cameras built into the device and it allows you to experience the 360 degree VR world. Meanwhile the 37 sensors for Vive also come with a front-facing camera.

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