HTC Vive was released almost two years ago and the much awaited hardware revision has arrived. The HTC Vive Pro will arrive in Q1 and a huge upgrade is on its way. Some of the details of the new update include more pixels and wireless Vive adapter.

More details were given during CES 2018

HTC confirmed several details during CES 2018, including that the new Vive Pro screen will have a resolution of 2880×1600 pixels. This resolution is a 78% jump from the first Vive headset (2160×1200).

Other features include: built-in headphones, a new strap to improve balance, a new second stereo, a new second microphone with noise cancelation features and a reduced headset weight. It still remains unknown how much will the new handset weight and how much lighter it will be.

A wired VR system and improved field-of view (FOV) are expected. Apps requiring training simulations will offer a richer experience thanks to the new resolution ratio.

Vive Pro available in a headset-only SKU

This news was also confirmed by HTC and it will continue to be compatible with HTV Vive boxes and wands. Also, the bundle will come with 2.0 versions.

It remains unclear whether HTC will manufacture improved controllers or a new SteamVR one will be released.

The first hints of the update were released last week by the company after some SNS posts involving key words such as new year and new resolution.

Vive Wireless Adapter on its way

HTC also announced the Vive Wireless Adaptor, which, very much like TPCast, will be plugged into a Vive-equipped computer to broadcast video signal wirelessly. Those who want to learn more juicy details about the newest HTC Vive Pro hardware can go to the product page and read more details about it.

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