Today came big news from the developers of Pokémon Go: they announced their collaboration with Apple’s ARKit framework, optimizing the game starting with the new update of the iOS version. This will help the creator add augmented features to the game, making it even more enjoyable than it used to be, by putting in place virtual objects that can actually be found somewhere in the real world. It sounds the same, right? Not when we’re talking about iPhone or iPad’s hardware and software. With their help, you will be able to see creatures from the game in their true size, details taken from the game’s database.

So what’s this AR we’re talking about?

The AR+ mode will make you go nuts (that, if you are the lucky owner of an iOS device), because it will make it possible for you to get as close as you want to a pokémon (as long as you’re discreet and you’re not scarring the little animal; if you indeed start scaring it, a meter will appear on the screen and it will start to fill with the red color.), the capturing being made easier for you.

This feature is called expert handler, and because you’ll become an expert, it will also give you more XP and stardust, which will eventually help you upgrade your beloved creatures. A possible downpoint could be the fact that this feature makes you charge your phone frequently, but it’s not certain, since Tatsuo Nomura, one of the producers of the game stated that the battery actually lasts longer than it used to while playing the game before this update.

But look at the bright side. For example, you can prevent a pokémon from hiding once you tap the grass icon. Even more, it’s like he’s blocked in that certain area. You can look at it moving around the camera, even get closer to him. We promise you, it won’t move. And with the expert handler, come on now, do you need more? More than that. From now on, when you move around, flying pokémons will hang above the ground and the ones who stay on the ground will start jumping up and down.

May God praise Apple

Did I mention that this whole thing exists because of a collaboration with Apple, which was kind enough to give them a considerable quantity of iPhone X units to help develop the game? This is a reason why, with this new update coming on, we’re sure that lots of people will want to play it (again!). We’re happy people know the true value of technology!

Speaking of the true value of technology, smartphone users will be thrilled to find out that they’ll all be able to get to know AR+ in a few months for sure, because the kind people who’ve worked on this game are also trying to create more apps that could use AR+, by specifically making something big to make people be grateful for the little things, i.e its main purpose is to present the little pieces that build a software.

They start from the premise that it’s more important to have a few apps that can actually live after this whole AR craziness. And it’s true: it attracts people because it’s a feature of a very popular, known game.

From all we know, this is bound to be good. Creators of this game hope that in the future, AR+ will be able to help people see the world through entirely different eyes, by making some kind of AR glasses, for example, which, by the way, might be an easier way to play games.

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