Clash of Clans players don’t have a chance to get bored of the game. Supercell is constantly releasing new updates, and some of them manage to bring huge additions. Right now it appears that Clash of Clans is preparing for a December update that is supposed to come with a special feature.

The new mode will be called Clan Games and we already received a few clues about it thanks to a tweet that has been posted on the official Clash of Clans Twitter account.

Clan Games sneak peak

The uploaded video is 10 seconds long and it beings with the Skeleton, throwing flyers from a Balloon. The words “the Clan Games are coming” show up. The flyers continue to fall and we get to see one up close. However, the paper is pierced by the horn of a P.E.K.K.A so we cannot see the entire message. The title on the paper says “Clan Games” and bellow it we can read “Play! Win!”. The other words can’t be seen because of the horn, but we are able to read the words “to be won” and Compete.

There are various versions of this teaser as well. A skeleton is the one throwing the papers in every teaser and they all last for 10 seconds. However, in the teaser uploaded on YouTube, the flyer lands on the face of a Baby Dragon and half of it burns. There is another teaser on Instagram and in this one a Giant catches a flyer, but his finger obscures most of the text.

What will this update bring?

It is hard to say what Clan Games will bring but it appears that it will be a competition that will make players compete. We might receive some kind of tournament. Based on the teasers, we might expect some changes for Baby Dragon, Giant and P.E.K.K.A. as well.

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