Clash Royale is one of the most successful freemium mobile games to have been developed in the mobile market. It earned Supercell a billion dollars in revenue with less than a year from its debut date.

Release last March 2, 2016 it was made by the company Supercell that brought another viral mobile game to the mobile gaming scene – Clash of Clans. Having the characters and the familiar looks to that of the already popular Clash of Clans game may have been partly responsible for the tremendous early success of the game.

The game was first released in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, and Sweden. This soft-launched was on January 4, 2016 and was only for the iOS devices. However the Android platform soft-launch shortly followed on February 16, 2016 still for the same countries.

The Game Summary

The Game is a combination of a trading card game, tower defense, and game battle arena. The players are categorically ranked according to the number of trophies they have won. While they can gain level upgrade by collecting experience points through completing game achievements, and donating / upgrading cards.

In the game, the player has 3 towers to defend. The main objective is to destroy the towers of the opposing player. If you are able to destroy a side tower you will earn a crown, however if you are able to destroy the King’s tower you will immediately score a three crown victory. If the game’s time limit is reach, the player who destroyed the most towers claims the victory. A multiplayer victory merits the winning player a trophy, which as mentioned above is how the game ranks the players worldwide.

The Game starts off with the chosen 8 cards from the players deck. And from that 8-deck card the starting four cards is randomly chosen by the game for the player. There are 13 arenas all and all, but one arena called the Training Camp is not a real arena since it is only use during the beginning to teach the player how to play Clash Royale.

The Cards have basically three classifications, which are the unit cards, building cards, and the spell cards. It is up to the player which type of cards to use depending on his or her strategy.

Extra Thoughts…

Aside from the winning battles and clearing achievements, the game has a lot of perks that give the player extra ways to earn points to advance and upgrade his or her cards. The game even gives away free cards that might be great units, buildings, or spells. However, being a freemium game one of the surest way to fast track the improvement of your Clash Royale deck, you have the option of purchasing better cards. Purchasing cards gives you better odds of gaining rare and better cards.

The downside of freemium games like Clash Royale is that achieving points and climbing the ranks on your own without purchasing premium options will take a lot of time compared to spending real world money.

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