Google has really invested a great amount of time and energy in order to come up with several updates to its Gmail App. In fact, Gmail allows Android users to send and receive money with the use of Google Wallet.

It was once intended for the desktop version and finally for the Android app as of late. So, anyone can now send money to someone, provided that the sender and receiver come from one place, such as the United States or both from the UK.

So, anyone can try it using these easy steps.

  • You need to set up a Google Wallet account. So you need to download and install the app on your device via the Play Store. Then, you have to select the hamburger menu at the upper-left-hand corner of the display and select “Payment methods”.

You have to choose “Add Payment Method” that you see below your screen. Google Wallet will also present you the form in which you can set up a debit card. Simply fill out the form and select “Save” found below the screen.

  • Compose the Email. You need to open the Gmail app and use the button shaped as a pencil from the bottom-right corner of the display to make a new email.
  • Send Money. The next thing that you have to do is to choose the icon shaped like a paper clip close to the top-right corner of the screen to choose “Send Money”. You will be prompted for the amount to be sent, then just input the amount and choose “Attach Money” with it. Then, choose “Done” after another popup will ask you what to do.
  • Receive Money. This option is optional though, but in the event that you would require money, then choose the paper clip icon and select “Request money”. Then, input the amount you want to receive and choose “Attach Request”. Choose “Done” if you are finished and your request would appear at the email’s body.
  • Complete the Transaction. After you attached the payment or completed the transaction via email, you need to send this normally. The recipient will receive an email that states your deal. If you are not using a Gmail address, your recipient will get a Google Wallet ink in order to complete the process.

In a recent update to the Gmail app, Google has done a great job by finally supporting the latest iteration of the iPhone. Moreover, it supports 3rd-party accounts to go along the iPhone X display. Among the 3rd-party services are the Apple iCloud, Yahoo Mail, and Microsoft Outlook.

Google was able to manage the elongated screen of the new iPhone X by bringing in a revamped Gmail app. As a matter of fact, Google has also updated several apps as a gesture of support for the new 5.8-inch display of the Apple’s latest iPhone model. Among the apps included in the update are Google Maps, YouTube, Waze, Google Translate, and Google Drive, among other apps on the list.

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