Anyone who plans on leaving on a trip should consider downloading Google Maps on their smartphone because it’s going to make everything so much easier. This app is packed with detailed maps of the entire world and it also provides users with clever navigation routes which avoid traffic. Although, Google Maps does so much more than that and we will present its key features right now.

Navigation Routes

As previously mentioned, Google Maps provides users with fast navigation routes, but how does it do that? The magic behind Google Maps’ routes is that it takes into consideration real-time traffic updates, weather reports and even ETA (estimate time of arrival) information.

This feature is not exclusive to cars and it can also be used while walking and taking public transportation. Therefore, Google Maps also contains the necessary information users will need to catch their bus, train or ride-share.

Discovering New Places

The most amazing thing about Google Maps is the fact that it includes important information about every place in the world. We’re not only talking about sightseeing spots, museums and zoos. Google Maps also contains information about local restaurants and the food that they offer.

Google Maps – Navigation and Transit 9.66.1 APK Update

Considering how important Google Maps can be to people who love to travel the world, it should come as no surprise that its always being improved with new updates. In fact, the app’s build number has recently been brought up to 9.66.1 with a new APK.

Since this update is an APK, which stands for Android Package Kit, the update is exclusive to Android powered smartphones. Moreover, Google is set to roll out this update during the upcoming future but eager users who want to make sure that their app is running faster than usual can manually download and install the update right now.

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