A hijacked lorry drives into the pedestrians in front of a department store on one of the main streets in Stockholm and kills at least three, while several people are injured.

Prime Minister Stephan Lofven called the crash a “terror attack” and said that a suspect was already arrested in relation to the accident, some media even reported that the driver is detained, however the police denied this information later. Witnesses said that gunshots were also heard in connection with the attack.

The truck was hijacked earlier in the day from the Spendrups brewery. It hit pedestrians on Queen Street in the Swedish capital and then crashed into a department store. The assault took the life of at least three pople and many were wounded. One dog was also a victim of the attack.

The attack is similar to the accidents in Nice and Berlin from last year and that of London from last month, which gives reason to call it a terrorist attack.

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