Two bomb explosions rocked the central Somali town of Galkayo on Sunday, August 21, reported the world media.

Loaded with explosives truck exploded at an administrative complex in Galkayo, about 750 kilometers north of Mogadishu, said a representative of the local government. Then another car bomb exploded in the same area as people tried to help the victims of the first explosion.

Several buildings have collapsed. The number of victims of the attacks reached 23, reported CNN, citing local authorities. Among the victims are local police chief and his deputy, as well as civilians from the nearby market.

The Islamist group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attacks on the rebels supporting Radio Andalus. They claim that at least 30 people, including military and apostates, were killed.

The group regularly carry out attacks against government, military and civilian targets using suicide bombers. Analysts say this could be a reaction to the arrest of five members of the group in Galkayo last week.

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