USA will sell 12 high-tech aircraft A-29 Super Tucano to Nigeria in its fight with Islamic group Boko Haram. The cost of military equipment is about 600 million USD.

The expectations are that the administration of Donald Trump will submit its application for sale in Congress in the coming days. The deal was discussed from the Barak Obama administration in the last days of his presidential mandate. The new US president Donald Trump gave a clear signal that he is ready to approve the sale. Nigeria itself is trying to negotiate the contract since 2015.

In recent years, the Nigerian Air Force has repeatedly been criticized for bombing civilian targets. One of the most serious incidents was in January 2017, when was attacked a village near the border with Cameroon. In the attack killed between 100 and 236 people (according to the government and local authorities), which were mostly local residents and aid workers. Bombing coincided with the day that Obama plans to submit the deal to Congress and actually slow drive sales.

The sale of military aircraft will strengthen ties between the US and Nigeria. Nigeria is the largest African economy, the second largest oil producer on the continent and with good geographical position, however, it target of extremist organizations, like Boko Haram.

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